What can you expect to learn in ECS 2 : Component Failure?

Upon successful completion of this seminar, students will be able to detect early machinery failure symptoms by applying learned machinery inspection techniques and the use of machinery measurement tools. Attendees will understand the need to competently remove all types of bearings, couplings and

sealing systems, recognize why they failed, and

install them using correct preparation procedures,

up to date installation tools and techniques. Session

participants will be capable of identifying lubrication

problems involving delivery, installation, adjustments,

sampling and contamination control strategies.

They will possess a better understanding of lubrication

basics and selection criteria, effective placement of

lubrication filters and water removal systems.

Add in about sleeve bearings Attendees will be

prepared to successfully use these correct failure

reducing techniques and tools, in all phases of their responsibilities. As attendees return to their respective work they will be able to successfully use these correct failure investigation procedures and component installation standards to improve maintenance procedures, bill of materials selection process and ASD/RCA.

This session focuses on specific issues that surround the practices and components that commonly fail in plants namely; bearings, lubrication, couplings and sealing systems. This unique approach continues to raise the bar and help place the “craft” back in craftsman. The class begins with learning correct ways to disassemble failed machines to effectively and efficiently document failure symptoms and use those symptoms to assist in determining the root cause of
failure. Having correctly identified the source of
failure this seminar moves provides attendees
with a real and working practical knowledge of
various bearing applications, identification, removal/installation techniques and tips, interpretation of correct fit charts with exercises.
Focus continues on the correct application
of proven, essential lubrication best practice
skills, (selection, properties, types, housing,
delivery systems), with a particular emphasis
on the smaller everyday balance of plant
machines that represent the majority of the
asset base. In the power transmission
section, attendees are introduced to the
correct selection, installation, inspection
and lubrication of commonly found
couplings. The session finishes with
an introduction to various shaft sealing
systems, allowing attendees to better recognize and field correct typical failure modes. Key elements of this seminar include immediately applicable knowledge, with “hands on”, “performance based” class exercises. Where appropriate these class exercises use “working” and “dynamically running” demonstrators. System “performance” measurements are completed in the classroom and provide technicians with an immediate feedback on the results and application value of applied techniques. These hands-on exercises comprise approximately 50% of the class.


Subjects (included but not limited to):


Improvement by Precision

•    Review previous class assignments


Machinery Inspection Techniques

•    Visual, Audible, Tactile

•    Quantifying inspections

•    Vibration & Temperature


Determining Failure Through Inspection

•    Don’t destroy the evidence

•    Failure terms, causes and symptoms

•    Bearing, coupling, sealing system failures


Rolling Element Bearings

•    Dismounting & mounting techniques

•    Installation and Removal Tools

•    Un-mounted bearing precision installation

•    Oil Injection Systems

•    Precision Installation of mounted bearings

•    Checking and setting clearances



•    Fundamentals and selection criteria

•    Purpose of lubricants, Lubricant films

•    Properties & application of lubricants

•    Contamination, prevention & control

•    Practical field analysis & troubleshooting

•    Lubricant maintenance


Power Transmission Devices

•    Comparing coupling types

•    Correct selection criteria

•    Precision coupling inspection & installation

•    Lubricating couplings


Target Participants:

ERMS  has been carefully designed for anyone who has a role in reliability including Production and Maintenance leaders, supervisors, engineers, and lead hands. Reliability leaders, managers and engineers. 




ERMS Bootcamp and Course 2 




4 1/2 days of formal training 



Monday November 11, 2019 at 8:00 AM EST


Friday November 15, 2019 at 12:00 PM EST




  University of Tennessee, Knoxville Campus
  Knoxville, TN  


***Food/Drinks provided during breaks and lunch each day of training...

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Essential Craft Skills 2 :

Component Failure