Steve Drew,

Maintenance Manager Field Service & Sales

Summary of Qualifications / Career Overview

Steve Drew launched his career at Ingalls Shipbuilding completing a comprehensive welding certification program.  In 1977 he joined Alabama River Pulp as a member of a construction team that built this start-up paper mill.  After the mill opened, Steve worked as a Mechanic sharpening his skills to earn AA Mechanic credentials.  He was promoted to Maintenance Crew Leader in 1990 and Maintenance Supervisor for a multi-craft team of 12 in 1993. From 1993 to 1996 he supervised maintenance teams in fiber line, bleach plant, and power & recovery.  In his next role as Operation Coordinator he was responsible for mill communication and setting production rates for five departments. Steve was promoted to Pulp Machine Manager in 1998 where he led a team of 65 operations and warehouse employees building his awareness of their challenges in a manufacturing and distribution operation.   

In 2002 Steve was promoted to the Assistant Maintenanace Manager supervising a total of 25 maintenance, machine shop, and repair shop employees. In 2004 he expanded his knowledge of EPA regulations and mill operations as Department Manager of Water Treatment, Effluent, and Lime Kiln/ Recaustizing areas, leading to a promotion in 2006 to Maintenance Manager for the entire mill.  He directed a 130-member team and implemented a formal skills-based promotional program.  About a year after the acquisition by Georgia Pacific in 2010, he began managing major maintenance outages as the Outage and Planning Leader for two mills.  Steve launched the “Precision Maintenance” program at Alabama River and was impressed with the reductions in equipment failures of up to 75%. In 2012 he joined Reliability Solutions Maintenance LLC to share his experience, enthusiasm and expertise on “Precision Maintenance” with the company’s clients.  He currently leads a four-member team that maintains training equipment and provides field services for domestic and international clients.

Expertise & Client Contributions

  • Implementing “Precision Maintenance” and Capital Preservation programs in the pulp and paper industry with first-hand experience of the value and ROI they offer.  

  • Demonstrating comprehensive knowledge in all facets of manufacturing equipment operations, maintenance and repair.

  • Understanding of the perspectives and challenges of employees and management in operations, maintenance, machine shop, and repair shop departments.   

  • Managing and developing high-performance maintenance/repair/operations teams.

Credentials & Professional Development

  • One year of Drafting and Design studies, Southwest State Technical Institute, Mobile, AL

  • One year of General studies, Troy State University, Troy, AL

  • Over one year of Business Management studies, University of Phoenix

  • Certified in Lean Manufacturing and Kepner Tregoe

  • AA Mechanic

  • Reliability Solutions Training LLC Training Classes completed:  Precision Maintenance Essential Skills for Craft I

  • Extensive training over 30+ years in: Industrial Maintenance and Operations.

Work History & Training Engagements

  • Alabama River Pulp    

  • Georgia Pacific

  • Ingalls Shipbuilding