The Journey to Reliable Manufacturing®

"A Journey Begins with a Single Step"

What is the Journey to Reliable Manufacturing®?  To first understand the Journey to Reliable Manufacturing® we must understand what Reliability is.  The down and dirty definition is that when I go to turn on the machine, it starts, does what it is intended to do, in the manner it was intended to do it, and for as long as I need the asset to perform it. This is all done with an unequivocal knowledge that when the asset is required to return to service again, it shall perform its function without error or loss of production. Within the scope of “making profit”, manufacturing companies must create their products, in such a way that it is what the consumer desires. It is a process, a mindset, a journey that involves all levels of manufacturing to perform their intended functions in a reliable and best-in-class manner that leads to a higher return in manufacturing profits.


The 4 pillars of Reliable Manufacturing® and how they fit in the Journey

iMprove Organizations for

iMprove Organizations for Reliability is designed for leaders at the organization and facility level.  Do your leaders understand Reliable Manufacturing® and their role within?  Does your organization or facility know it's strengths and weaknesses?  Is there a need to get management more in-tune with the real life documented results from Reliable Manufacturing®?  Are you prepared to implement to achieve sustainable profitable results?  Select the iMprove Organizations for Reliability gear to learn more.  

iMprove Precision Maintenance.png

iMprove Precision Maintenance is designed to enhance the skill levels of craftsmen and mechanics. In the iMprove Precision Maintenance pillar we focus on the Essential Craft Skills necessary to achieve Reliable Manufacturing®. It is aimed at changing and challenging on-the-floor skill sets with all the members of the maintenance team to become Best in Class!  Select the iMprove Precision Maintenance icon to learn more.

iMprove Operator Care_1.png

iMprove Operator Care is designed to equip your operators with the skills to be the first line of Reliability Defense. iMprove Operator Care equips your operators to perform machine reliability inspections, write well written work request's, contribute to building reliability inspection rounds, and provide leadership with solutions instead of problems.This portion of our Journey to Reliable Manufacturing® adds and improves skills that integrate modern tools with targeted training to avoid the cost's and consequences of unforeseen equipment breakdowns. Select the iMprove Operator Care icon to lean more.

iMprove Condition Monitoring.png

iMprove Condition Monitoring is designed to enhance the essential PdM skills necessary to identify the failure patterns of your assets in a timely manner to reduce critical failures.  In the iMprove Condition Monitoring pillar we focus on the condition monitoring techniques that allow facilities to better understand failure before it becomes catastrophic.