General Process:
  •  Communicate to the plant/mill what the review is about.

  • Assemble and prepare the review team.

  • Obtain and research background information.

  • Customize the Reliability Solutions assessment process for your specific site.

  • Conduct personnel interviews and establish current state.

  • Analyze information and make recommendations for improvement.

  • Report out to Leadership and others as requested.

  • Final detailed report that can be your Road Map to improvement.


Target Participants:

Corporate, Senior and Area/Line Managers/Superintendents, Maintenance and Operation Supervisors. Others depending on actual plant needs and objectives


appropriate background and responsibilities


Three - Five Days



This assessment provides an opportunity to accelerate “reliability” work, to provide direction and give you valuable insight of areas that need focus and recommendations to help you improve. We begin each assessment with a look at what the “best–in-class” performers do today, how they view and cause work to move forward, measurement tactics that provide a “scorecard” review of success and just how “skill set” work is incorporated at the floor. Each section provides reliability “observation” notes to assist in the determination of current activities, on the floor culture and recommendations for improvement. Senior level managers will find this process loaded with field applicable practical tips, vital information to begin documentation and reassess sustainability within reliable manufacturing. The assessment will allow participants to evaluate typical activities, review successes/opportunities and provide strategic directions to move forward with measurable accomplishments.


 To conduct a “high level” review regarding the current state of Essential Craft Skills, Process Excellence, Asset Reliability and Asset Condition Monitoring in the selected areas of your plant and the effectiveness of these applications vs. Best Practices witnessed at other plants and industries by the review team and Reliability Solutions instruction and curriculum.