Identifying and eliminating the root cause of reliability problems is a key element in Reliable Manufacturing. Until now there have been offerings that focus on the process of root cause, or offerings that focus on the forensics of component and materials failures. This new class combines the process of root cause analysis with the forensic examination of parts and components. 

Using our practical root cause analysis process, you’ll learn how to tie cause and effect together and apply logical thought processes to arrive at the problem’s core. You’ll learn how to use the “Cause & Effect Diagram” to bring root cause analysis into your day-to-day reliability management process-and do it cost effectively! You will also learn the forensics of failure analysis including; evidence preservation and data gathering, rolling element bearing failure patterns, fractography, (interpreting fracture faces) corrosion, common fastener failure modes, gear failures, gasket and lubricant failures. This course focuses on both the process of Root Cause Failure Elimination and the common component failures to reinforce the RCFE process. Through hands-on equipment exercises utilizing the tools and techniques, you'll discover how to eliminate problems down to the component level. 


  • The RCFE Process

    • RCFE in an industrial setting

    • Basic beliefs of RCFE

    • Drawing the "Cause & Effect Diagram"

      • Hands on experience​

    • Finding and prioritizing problems​

    • Creative and critical thinking

    • Root Cause and logical thinking

    • Evidence preservation​​

    • Data collection

  • Bearing Failures​

    • Common failure modes​

    • Failure patterns

    • identifying causes of failure

    • Eliminating bearing failures 

  • Lubricant Failures​

    • Common failure causes​

    • Simple field analysis techniques

    • Eliminating lubricant failures

  • Fastener Failures​

    • Common types of fastener​

    • Common failure modes

    • Eliminating fastener failures

  • Materials Failures​

    • Properties​

    • Types of failure

    • Interpreting

    • Types of corrosion

    • Recognizing corrosion

    • Introduction to NDT techniques

  • Gasket Failures​

    • Common failure modes​

    • Analyzing gasket failures

    • Eliminating gasket failures


Target Participants:

The seminar is aimed towards participants with a mechanical or production background. Engineers will find the seminar valuable and first line supervision is encouraged to attend to demonstrate advocacy and understanding.


appropriate background and responsibilities


Four and one half days.