What can you expect to learn in Essential Craft Skills (ECS 1)?

 With demands for higher returns, the onslaught of baby boomer retirees and the search for fresh young talent, it now becomes imperative that incremental, systematic and measurable skill set improvements need to provide sustainable results from the top to the shop floor. Within our facilities today are we responding to failure symptoms or attacking sources, are we constantly repairing/rebuilding machinery or are we improving manufacturing performance while reducing cost? This “Reliable Manufacturingsm” overview is a cross organizational presentation that introduces how real reliability improvements achieve profitable results. Session objectives include: “How mindsets, culture and skill sets create predictable and sustainable manufacturing reliability.” This presentation provides an introduction to sequentially ordered improvement building blocks that create and build impetus for constructive motion, with thought provoking observations, to realize a facility with “Best-In-Class” results. We begin with why this work needs to be part of a corporations “core” business values, to overcome current failure streams, and move predictable reliability forward. We then approach the practical application of “Precision Maintenancesm” and why integrated operations reliability efforts are paramount for sustainable success. The session utilizes case histories with dynamic demonstrations to reinforce the results of: misalignment, unbalance, common assembly misconceptions, case distortion, torquing practices, resonance, dynamic soft foot, and other errors found in today’s facilities. The presentation provides a review of returns on investment through measured field results in: asset reliability improvement, production enhancement, maintenance cost reduction and energy conservation. Attendees are provided with an “in-the-field” precision observation assignment. Responses to these observations can assist you to determine current asset reliability state and potential improvement directions. Participants will find the presentation, timely, informative and loaded with practical tips to improve reliable manufacturing within their facilities. Come prepared to think differently

Subjects (included but not limited to):


  • Purpose, products & process review   

  • Reliability as a “Core Business Value” 

  • Reliable Manufacturing:

    • Precision Maintenance, Process Excellence   

  • Best-In-Class:

    •  illusion & improvement    

  • The predictable and reliable facility 

  • Improvement “Guiding Principles”


  • The road to reliability:

    • philosophies,  “critical mass” & failure streams


  • Understanding craft technicians roles 

  • The “mechanical” failure pie 

  • Historical misalignment thinking and “practical” precise alignment 


  • How unbalance detrimentally affects asset life


  • Seemingly insignificant assembly errors create opportunities for asset “life” extension


  • measuring improvement value $/HP/YR  and other proven industry results    

  • Operations Asset Reliability, initial application important discoveries and development  

  • Real & Measured Results: Improved Asset Reliability, Enhanced Production, Reduced Costs, Conserving Energy 

  • Understanding the opportunities – the need for a consensus agreed action plan


Target Participants:


Corporate and facility management, maintenance/production leadership, superintendents, engineers, supervisors, planners, union leadership, senior mechanical/E/I craft technicians, senior operators, and other appropriate facility decision makers.








1/2 days of formal training 



Monday June 13, 2016 at 8:00 AM CDT


Friday June 17, 2016 at 4:00 PM CDT




  Northwestern State University 
  Williamson Hall / Room 122
  175 Sam Sibley Dr
  Natchitoches, LA 71497  


***Food/Drinks provided during breaks and lunch each day of training...

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Sweet Cane Inn Bed & Breakfast                             926 Washington Street                                           Natchitoches, LA   71457                                       Corporate Code: Reliability Solutions                     Corporate Rate: $99/Night                                     Hotel Registration Information


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