Thermal or infrared (IR) imaging in Industry has been used to inspect electrical systems for some time now and its use has steadily grown increasingly popular. Since components in electrical systems almost always overheat before they fail, problem areas are more easily and safely found when viewed through an IR camera.


During an inspection, electrical equipment, such as distribution panels, switch boards, contacts, transformers, and service and control panels can be examined through an IR camera. By viewing apparent temperature differences, inspectors can identify and document problems, such as loose connections and over loaded circuits, which are the most common cause of electrical fires. Other issues, such as transformer cooling problems, induced currents, arcing, and motor-winding faults, also become readily apparent. Because viewing apparent temperature differences through an IR camera requires no physical contact and can cover a lot of space in one sweep, no other technology allows electrical faults to be found as safely and as quickly as thermal imaging.


We at Reliability Solution Maintenance can assist you with finding these type problems which will produce savings in reduced down time and early problems detection. This type survey ensures safety and can save your profit dollars that might otherwise be spent on extensive repairs.

Infrared Surveys

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