Effective Organizations > Reliable Manufacturing® Leadership Series

1) Reliability Foundational Elements


2) Mechanical Condition Monitoring Techniques


3) Machinery: Assembly and Installation


4) Component Failure: Identify and Control


5) Electrical Condition Monitoring, Instrumentation & Process Variability


6) Vibration Analysis Techniques


7) Essential Pump System Skills


8) Fluid Power: Operation and Troubleshooting


9) Failure Analysis: Systems and Components


10) Applying Reliable Manufacturing Strategies

Target Participants:

Maintenance Production and Engineering Managers, Superintendents and Supervisors, Reliability Maintenance and Trainee Engineers.


appropriate background and responsibilities


10 course schedule may take up to two years to complete.

To create functional “Reliable Manufacturing
®” leaders that identify with building reliability (improving and removing failure modes) as much as they identify with engineering (replacing things). This is accomplished through the attendance in a 10 course curriculum (available by request). Each course is five days in length and includes field application assignments to be completed between courses.  These assignment provide experience, drive expertise and allow for a proven reliability results portfolio.  Results gained enhance sustainable activities and leader ownership.