What can you expect to learn in Essential Fluid Power Skills?
The essential premise of any hydraulic system is: force applied at one point, is equally transmitted to another, using an incompressible fluid. 
Most fluid power problems are the result of: poor
installation practices, a “replacement” approach to
troubleshooting, an improper adjustments of fluid
controls.  These strategies are found to be ineffective
in improving asset reliability, consume un-needed
time/resources and reduce manufacturing
Class participants will have a thorough understanding
of practical fluid power operation principles, common failure modes for fluid and pneumatic assets with field tested techniques to prevent failure. Attendees will be ready to apply and demonstrate the identification problems including the effects of poor fluid conditioning, pump and actuator assembly errors, cavitation and aeration, incorrect control adjustments, excessive temperature, fluid conductor leaks, and provide a “performance” report that states as found and as left condition with the use of dynamic measurement tools to extend asset reliability. In-class hand-on activities provide proper techniques to place equipment in a more reliable and precise state, Attendees will be introduced to a logical troubleshooting approach by understanding symbols, schematics and correctly interpret machinery operating data. Class focus is not on fixing or replacing but in preventing fluid power issues from happening in the first place.  

Subjects (included but not limited to):


Introduction to Reliable Manufacturing®

Introduction to Fluid Power Systems

Fluid Power Advantages & Disadvantages

Hydraulic Essential Principles

Pneumatic Essential Principles

Hands-On Component Inspections

Component Failure Sources

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Safety Tips

Schematics and “Logical” Troubleshooting


Target Participants:


The seminar is aimed towards participants with a mechanical craft background but production operators and engineers will find the seminar valuable and first line supervision is encouraged to attend to demonstrate advocacy and understanding for renewed essentials.




It is highly recommended that Craft personnel have previously successfully attended and field applied techniques discovered in Essential Craft Skills 1





5 days of formal training 



Monday August 15, 2016 at 8:00 AM CDT


Friday August 19, 2016 at 4:00 PM CDT




  Northwestern State University 
  Williamson Hall / Room 122
  175 Sam Sibley Dr
  Natchitoches, LA 71497  


***Food/Drinks provided during breaks and lunch each day of training...

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Sweet Cane Inn Bed & Breakfast                             926 Washington Street                                           Natchitoches, LA   71457                                       Corporate Code: Reliability Solutions                     Corporate Rate: $99/Night                                     Hotel Registration Information


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