Subjects (included but not limited to):

  • Introduction to Reliable Manufacturing®

  • Vibration as a “Precision” Tool

  • Correctly Fitting Housings and Shafts

  • Common Assembly Errors

  • Practical Field Lubrication

  • Precise Belt Alignment

  • Achieving Precision Shaft Alignment

  • Understanding Bearing Failure Types

  • Improving Balance Quality

  • Typical Machinery Errors


Target Participants:

All related mechanical craft technicians, first and second line supervision, planners, schedulers, maintenance work teams, operations/management/material coordinators, selected senior operators, and small project and large project managers.



Participants are required to have previously attended an ECS1 class



2 1/2 days of formal training for 15 participants.  Recommended class make-up is 10 crafts personnel and 5 from the other mentioned roles.

What can you expect to learn in Essential Craft Skills
(ECS 1) - Refresher?

Even after holding skills classes with successful field application we have found that hosting a “refresher/review” class provides an excellent opportunity to once again review/relearn and reapply essential principles. This refresher enables attendees to continue information and skill set learning with field technique reviews that may have been missed, forgotten, misunderstood or not yet applied. For many, just going through the class a second time, solidifies the many subjects that were covered and provides that “ah-ha” experience that ensures mental retention.

Subject attention is placed on the sequence and actions of field assembly and installation to place machine sets in improved and precise states. Attendees perform all hands-on sections from the first class though a few are combined as they would be when working in the field. Attendees are challenged throughout the class with typical issues that prevent completion and are provided with ideas to continue forward improvement. This refresher seminar allows both management and technical craft participants to once again reemphasize and more completely strengthen essential craft skills efforts. Typical reduced instruction timeline is two and one half days for each refresher, allowing for two sessions to be held per week.
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