Review Topics:

System Quality

  • Documentation

  • Procedures

  • Training

  • Spare Equipment Management

  • Quality Control

  • Tools, Equipment, Facilites

  • Balance Program

  • Alignment Program

  • Lubrication


Metrics Review

  • Number of Documented precision attempts/month

  • Number of Documented attempts left in precision state

  • Number of documented jobs with calculated savings

  • Overall vibration level

  • Number of equipment sets under .08 IPS (vibration)

  • % of equipment sets over .25 IPS vs. total route


Field Verifications

  • Field verification of equipment in a precise state

  • Field verification of the application of principles.


ECS 1 completion



3 full days



In these days of increased pressure to provide improved and sustainable profit margins with fewer people and less capital it has become ever more important that we improve the functionality and skill delivery within the Precision Maintenance® component of Reliable Manufacturing®.  Best practices reveal substantial improvement of asset performance when Precision Maintenance® skills are applied and managed. This improvement work must be tied to corporate strategic intent, with tactics that are real and measurable. While all are involved in this improvement work, leadership requires a global view of the essential Precision Maintenance® processes to begin improvements in the right directions and level resulting in sustainability and institutionalization of the essential principles. All improvement initiatives must be measured, successful and sustainable; this takes a quality of leadership that is rare in industry around the World today.


The Precision Maintenance® Progress Review provides an opportunity to accelerate this improvement work, to provide direction and valuable insight into areas that need focus and recommendations to help you improve. We begin the process with a look at what the “best–in-class” performers do today, how they view and cause work to move forward, measurement tactics that provide a “scorecard” review of success and just how “skill set” work is incorporated at the floor. Each section provides reliability “observation” notes to assist in the determination of current activities, on the floor culture and recommendations for improvement. The Precision Maintenance® Progress Review will allow participants to evaluate typical activities, review successes/opportunities and provide strategic directions to move forward with measurable accomplishments.


This approach serves to inform and assist the site to recognize the importance of establishing these processes that will guide the Leadership team to achieve significant improvements that will power the site’s production, deliver profitable results and a sustainable reliability culture. 



The objective for the review is to determine current state and benchmark against “Best Practice” to gauge progress and define improvement opportunities within the application and implementation of Precision Maintenance strategies. 



The process consists of interviews with key personnel, review of current strategies, metrics and time on the floor for field verifications. The agenda for the review is typically developed with the plant contact and based on plant schedules and priorities so as not to disrupt operations and current plans.