Upon the completion of the Essential Craft Skills training for maintenance employees, we offer ECS mentoring. During this process we work side by side with your maintenance employees performing work at your facility on your equipment to make sure they are safely, effectively and efficiently performing the lessons learned from our ECS classes. 


The objective of the ECS mentoring is to review and apply the precision techniques and applications taught in the classes and assist the technicians and trades/craft personnel in being successful in achieving precision results. This is an excellent strategy to energize the focus of performing work correctly and achieving positive results with documentation to support those efforts.


Another key component of ECS mentoring is to help the craftsperson produce and better understand the importance of good documentation.  Craftsmen capture the as-found information along with the as-left information with vibration, temperature, speed and amp draw readings reductions to help you document and produce quantifiable cost saving results.


  • During an ECS mentoring event at a facility, we were given the opportunity to work with the technicians and craftsmen to improve the reliability of 5 over hung fans.

  • All five fans were running very high overall amplitude but one in particular was in excess of 0.5 in/sec. overall.

  • At the conclusion of the work all fans were running in a precise state of less than .075 in/sec and the mechanics that performed the work were ecstatic about their accomplishments.


Essential Craft Skills 1 (ECS1)



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