Precision Maintenance … Essential Bearing Skills

The early detection and prevention of catastrophic bearing failures is a critical element in reliable manufacturing, preventing unexpected bearing failures and unplanned outages is a requirement in today’s reliable and predictable plant. Unless the common sources of these failures are identified and addressed then asset reliability cannot be improved. Traditional bearing classes focus on the purpose of bearings, design characteristics and quality criteria, for technicians in the field this is “nice” information but it has little to do with the daily world that they face involving bearing issues.


This course provides attendees with a real and working practical knowledge of various bearing applications, identification, removal/installation techniques and tips, failure analysis pattern recognition, interpretation of correct fit charts, typical lubrication requirements and most important of all, “hands on”, “performance based” class exercises. These class exercises use “working” and “dynamically running” demonstrators. System measurements are performed in the classroom and provide technicians with an immediate feed back on the application and results of techniques applied. These hands-on exercises comprise approximately 50% of the class. Session attendees will have an improved awareness regarding the relationship to asset reliability improvement, management communication of related issues and a comprehensive approach to bearing storage, selection, installation, lubrication and handling. Maintenance Technicians will find the seminar informative, and loaded with practical tips.


The course is aimed towards participants with a Craft background and it continues the learning’s from Essential Craft Skills (ECS) 1: Machine Assembly & Installation. It is highly recommended that participants have attended that seminar. Production Operators and Engineers will find the seminar valuable. First Line Supervision is encouraged to attend to demonstrate advocacy and understanding for renewed essentials. The course is 2 1/2 days in duration.



Subjects (Include but are not limited too)



Bearing Precision Introduction

  • Scope & Overview

  • Maintenance Philosophies

  • Attendee Field Experiences


Review of Essential Craft Skills Class

  • Vibration, precision tools, assembly errors, alignment, thermal considerations, soft foot issues, balance, belt driven machine dynamics


Fitting Housing and Shaft

  • Various manufacturer nomenclature review

  • Removal & installation techniques

  • Error Prevention

  • Shaft & housing preparation

Vibration, Ultrasonic, Temperature & Tools

  • Term & too familiarity

  • Understanding how much and how bad

  • Addressing what part is failing

  • Failure & source cause identification


Assembly Errors

  • Cleaning correctly


Practical Bearing Lubrication

  • Greasing Techniques and tools to measure

  • Oil vs. grease – when and where

  • Knowing the right amount & viscosity


Understanding Bearings

  • Don't destroy the evidence

  • Ball bearings

  • Angular Contact

  • Spherical Rollers

  • Pillow block & other mounted styles

  • Understanding the correct use seals, shields, snap rings, collars, heaters, etc


Common Machinery Errors

  • Motors

  • Fans

  • Pumps

  • Gearboxes