What can you expect to learn in Essential Asset Care 3a : Operator Service and Adjust?
In today’s manufacturing market there is a compelling business argument for production operators to reassert themselves as the first line of defense in process and equipment reliability.  With so many complex systems, today’s operator must be savvier to respond to machine and line changes with timely reliability inspections, minor checks, adjustments and troubleshooting responses.
We begin asset condition service & adjustment with understanding: maintaining philosophies, potential to function failure and the failure development period. We present and develop how an operating technician given the right set of experiences can correctly recognize functional process and asset failure long before asset breakdowns occur. The next discussion includes the mental approach to both formal and informal troubleshooting. The difference between chronic and sporadic events is reviewed, with an emphasis to the physical, human and latent roots. The “Five Why” methodology is incorporated to assist attendees to more successfully troubleshoot chronic production problems. A special section of measurement, fits and tolerances uses hands-on demonstrators to provide operating technicians a better method to describe excellent and poor fits. The final section reviews the function, proper installation techniques and typical failure modes for O-rings and various gaskets. 

Subjects (included but not limited to):

  • Failure Development Curve

  • Online & Offline Inspections

  • Precision Measurements

  • Measurement Tools

  • Fits & Tolerances

  • Machinery Assembly Errors

  • Fasteners: Secure, Clamp & Torque

  • Adjustment Tools & Exercises

  • Compression Gasket Materials


Target Participants:

Maintenance work teams (operations/maintenance coordinators, planners, scheduler, crew leaders, material coordinators, selected mechanics or operators), small project managers, large project managers



Phase 1&2 Essential Asset Care



Duration will be dependent on the tasks selected by the facility.  Different durations and task may exist in different operating areas.  Classes will be facility tuned to fit the business need of the facility area.

Essential Asset Care 3b