What can you expect to learn in Reliable Manufacturing BootCamp?

In many organizations, we find people in leadership positions that may not have a technical background in Reliability or Reliable anufacturing®. Formal education programs currently do little to prepare graduates to make good decisions around reliability in practical world of a modern industrial plant. A wise man once said that you should: “Never ask a question that you don’t have an answer for.” On the surface, that sounds strange, but consider this…if you do not have enough information to formulate any kind of answer, then whatever the response given

to the question, you have to accept it. If you have enough knowledge to have some kind of answer (right or wrong), at least you will have enough knowledge to be able to open a dialogue and therefore make a much more informed decision.

The purpose of the Essential Reliable Manufacturing® Skills Boot Camp is to provide an introduction to Reliable Manufacturing®, along with some practical application techniques that can be utilized and applied immediately upon return to the plant. Students will receive an overview of the key elements to Reliable Manufacturing®. The numerous hands-on activities in the class expose students to the practical, hard skills needed to apply Reliable Manufacturing® techniques. These activities create the ability to recognize what “good” looks like from a practical perspective. Finally, students will be equipped to return to the plant and perform some critical observations and challenges around their facilities’ Reliable Manufacturing® performance. 

Subjects (included but not limited to):


  • Introduction to Reliable Manufacturing®     

    • How Things Fail     

    • Reliability Philosophies     

    • Metrics and Measures

  • Foundational Elements     

    • Essential Work Systems     

    • Asset Strategy Development

  • Effective Condition Monitoring Techniques  

    • Vibration     

    • Infrared and Ultrasound    

    • Oil Analysis

  • Machine Assembly and Installation     

    • Precision Maintenance®     

    • Assembly Errors     

    • Precision Alignment and Balance

  • Component Failure, Identity and Control  

    • Introduction to Bearing Failure     

    • Bearing Installation Techniques    

    • Essential Lubrication Skills

  • Vibration Analysis and Electrical Condition Monitoring  

    • Introduction to Motor Operation and Failure Modes     

    • Identifying Common Problems    

    • Low Voltage Motor Testing

  • Pumps and Pumping Systems     

    • Understanding Pump Performance     

    • Common Pump Failure Mechanisms    

    • Piping Systems and Bases     

    • Seals and Sealing Systems

  • Asset Care and Operation     

    • Introduction to Fluid Power     

    • Gearboxes and Power Transmission Devices    

    • Fans and Blowers    

    • Compressors and Instrumentation     

    • Servos and Actuators

  • Root Cause Problem Elimination   

    • RCPE Thinking Process    

    • Documentation Methods    

    • Forensic Analysis    

    • Bearing Failures    

    • Fasteners and Materials

  • Applying Reliable Manufacturing® Principles    

    • How to Change Culture    

    • Psychology of Change    

    • Motivation


Target Participants:

ERMS  has been carefully designed for anyone who has a role in reliability including Production and Maintenance leaders, supervisors, engineers, and lead hands. Reliability leaders, managers and engineers. 








4 1/2 days of formal training 

Manufacturing Reliability BootCamp

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