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How to Confidently Lead an Evolution through Reliabile Manufacturing ....

 “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.” – John Maxwell

To confidently lead any effort one must have a deep competency of the mission, understand the benefits of success and recognize progress along the way. To lead the way to Reliable Manufacturing®, one must first completely understand what Reliable manufacturing® is and what it is not! When one is to go on a journey, to map that journey out requires two things: 1) Current location 2) Desired destination. These are inputs, they have to be understood and cannot be debatable.

As you consider your path forward on your journey to reliable manufacturing®, I would like to raise your awareness of what this journey is all about and what value it can bring to an organization and each person in that organization.

In the world of industrial manufacturing, we are either controlled by a bunch of machines or we gain control of those machines. We have to be very good at looking deeper than the symptoms and root out the sources of our problems. This approach requires change and change is not comfortable.

I would like to lead a discussion of “The Big Change”. I want to share my experiences, show through demonstrations and instill the passion to lead this “Big Change” in your organization.


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