Reliability Solutions Maintenance strives to balance all equipment to G 1.0 standards; a grade considered the best by industry standards. Rotors of different weights and different speeds will always provide different results but in each case the G 1.0 tolerance will always provide for a better running rotor, resulting in less maintenance cost, reduced energy consumption, less stress and wear on the supporting housings and shafts and a greater asset life cycle.

 Our balance technicians have years of experience in balancing most any type of equipment. We can balance in single, dual or multiple planes to achieve the results you need.



Successes: One of our customers called and asked that we help them with an overhung fan rotor balance. When our analyst arrived the fan was running 48 Mils and was about to self destruct. After two attempts to add weights, the fan was running at .8 mils. One of the maintenance mechanics stated that “the shaft must have broken because I can’t hear it running”. The Superintendant called and stated that “our analyst really knew his stuff. That fan has never run like this”.

Precision Balancing

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