We at Reliability Solutions Maintenance specialize in equipment alignment. Precision Alignment is one of the main contributors to improving Reliability. Did you know that misalignment is recognized by most companies as the leading cause of machinery failure? Did you know that pipe strain and thermal growth are not even considered when most Contractors perform alignment? Did you know that key length and orientation of the keys makes a significant difference in machine vibration? When we perform alignments we are not looking for smiley faces on the machine. We focus on achieving precision results and use .002” movement at the feet of the equipment to determine what good is. We factor in thermal growth, pipe strain, short leg, and angular soft foot with every alignment. We also inspect and document your coupling condition and hand pack with lubricant. We document the as-found and the as-left readings with amp draw reductions so you can measure the difference and have this information for future reference. This information is then assembled in to a very detailed report for your records and future needs. Let us show you the difference!


Successes: We performed a bearing replacement, sheave and belt replacement, alignment and balance on six fans for one of our customers. These fans were critical to their operation and if one goes down the entire process shuts down costing our customer thousands of dollars. During our last visit to this customer, we asked if they had any problems with these fans as we performed this work the previous year. Their response was “that is why you guys are back; no one has touched these fans since you worked on them last year”.

Precision Alignmnet

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